Dutch Design Donderdag (13)

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We are not fine artists, we work with a commissioner. He or she has to be clear in what he or she wants. It is important that there is a dialogue between the commissioner and the designer. This process is essential. To ask him or her and yourself the right questions, and to maintain a critical attitude is also essential. They are both responsible for the result. And if there is no question of a dialogue and you cannot agree, then you should quit. – Irma Boom in Emigre, 1993.

Graphic design is an interesting profession when one is asked to be a participating developer on a project. Graphic design is not interesting when a designer is asked to make things on demand. The making process is a mutual ‘journey’ in which both the commissioner and the designer have to be open to the unknown and unexpected. Because you cannot always describe things in words, meetings are important in the search for a direction. When graphic design is a developing process, there is no guarantee of success. My experience in this matter is that it is very interesting and necessary to have a long relationship with a few clients to establish a working method that is valuable for both parties. If there is no time to invest in this, I have no time. – Irma Boom in Graphic design for the 21st century, 2003

Peter Bilak interviews Irma Boom | Irma Boom in The Design Museum | De vorm van een boek moet de inhoud verbeelden | Color/Nature


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