The End of Semanal 2008

Regarding the Pursuit of Happiness by Sam Renseiw [Boutique L.U.I.S asks the classic question: Can one buy happiness? Most theories within psychology believe the answer is no, still…]

52 best wishes by Gabriel Soucheyre [Since my Sony HC1 broke down, I used my Sony alpha 700 (still camera) to shoot my last contribution to Semanal 2008]. More Gabriel Soucheyre.

30 days for VloMo08 by Mike Moon [I reflect on the ups and downs of shooting 30 vlogs in 30 days for VloMo08]. Remember: The Semanal Project was: One Video Per Week For All of 2008.

Our Cat Discovers Snow by David Lee King [& my kids laugh a lot!]

Demolition Fun by Frank Carver [A bit of speeded-up demolition fun. Before I left to take all that wood to the landfill, Margaret reminded me that we have some friends with a wood-burning stove who would probably appreciate it. So I took it all out of the car again!]

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  1. Hey Huub–
    I want to give you big congrats for pushing Semanal to the end (as a webmaster and a videoblogger).
    I was not able to finish the year, but am very glad to see it finished
    by a group of committed folks.
    Thanks for keeping it alive.


  2. Thanks Jay, It’s been a pretty intense experience, but I loved it and again learned a lot of ways of how to make video by our inspiring vlogfriends from all over the world! See you next year! Huub.


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