De Roltrap | Aflevering 18

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  1. En toch blijf ik nieuwsgierig hoe je die filmpjes maakt. Dit is trouwens een aanname. Want ik ga ervan uit dat jij die filmpjes maakt. Ik hoop echt dat je een keer hier over gaat schrijven.


  2. Huub, I probably enjoyed this more than many of the others. It had a very nice feel to it. I especially liked the roltrap that was out of service. Looked like a roltrap grave yard.
    Also I’ve been meaning to ask – the term “vlognik” – is that Dutch? I think I would like to start using it. It’s very cool.


  3. Thanks Milt. I really appreciate your comment, as I also had this feel of something new. Maybe the new sound source has something to do with it too? Its roltrap rhythm music.
    The Vlognik is borrowed by me from Dave Huth. He’s got this site called I really liked the term. Of course the …Nik is related to Russian and Balkan (Tchech) culture. For instance the Samizdat culture or Do It Yourself Publishing Culture of the 60’s and 70’s. Fanzines and that sort of stuff. In digital culture it is related to movements like -Jamming the Media- and such. Maybe Freevlog with actions like Live in Bagdad and Swajana, now.
    So Vlognik sounds a bit revolutionary to me, with an ironic twist. I like combinations too. Thats why The Roltrap’s payoff is ‘Musings of That Escalator Vlognik’. I got those Musings from somewhere else, another vlogger, but hell I forgot who it was! Have a good time Vlognikking Milt! 😀


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