De Roltrap | Aflevering 10
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  1. I was not sure it was possible, but these escalator pieces are finally growing on me. After having been merely baffled by previous weeks, I found myself actually enjoying this one.
    Bizarre, but Keep Posting!


  2. Vlogging itself is a little bizarre and I guess sticking to a subject is even more. In fact I was inspired by The Phoneguy series at Which of course is something completely else than an Escalator, but pretty much bizarre too. (The Phoneguy does not use a cellphone but his wallet. I am working with a lot of found footage and mixing my own footage with it. I also use a text into sound translator to make the voiceovers, which is pretty bizarre too, because you can translate any text into english, german, french and spanish, using this tool.The best way to work with it is to write words phonetically. Like: If I want to hear ‘De Roltrap’ the voice has to pronounce it as ‘The Roll Trap…’ By the way: De Roltrap is the dutch word for The Escalator. Crazy enough it might seem a bit connected to Booby Trap for english ears. I’ll keep posting!


  3. Cool. In my case when I was small, my father spoke Dutch a lot of the time, and although I don’t recall ever discussing such things, it was obvious without even thinking that De Roltrap is Dutch for escalator.
    Are you interested in collaborators? can we send you escalator footage from our own parts of the world? If so, do you have a preferred size/format/whatever?
    Sounds like another great Semanal Game to me


  4. Seems great to me. I’m already working on some collaboration with Milt. He want to do an interview with me in the same way he did this with Ryanne and Jay and others. We figured out the best way is to make footage with the questions and add footage with answers and mix the two. So… if you have any escalator footage… that would be great.
    Another idea I have is to collect footage of people who tell something about their passions while standing on an escaltor. (The Elevator pitch principle). So lets take a look at what we can do together! It would surely add another dimension to our semanal stuff!


  5. Yep, pretty crazy. Huub, I’ve been meaning to tell you. I really like the word Roltrap – what a perfect word – it describes exactly what an escalator does, and yet it’s dutch – yes?
    Anyway, I wish you would go to Washington DC. The escalators there are amazing. I’m thinking specifically of the escalator coming up to Dupont Circle. It’s sooooooo long. In fact, it’s a bit scary because if you look down, or even look too far up, you start to feel dizzy. I haven’t forgotten about the interview – just busy with a bunch of others. soon.


  6. Yes we have that sort of Escalators in Rotterdam too. Its in Episode 9, one the last scene before the starts of the next episode teaser. When I was a kid a lot of my friends did not even dare to use it. And then we were supposed to take a bicycle with us to take the tunnel that goes underneath the river.


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